Active Camo Power Pack

Stalk the battlefield unseen with the Active Camo Power-Up!

What can’t be seen can’t be hit when you build your REQ station and outfit your translucent Spartan to evade the enemy using armor based on the Active Camo Power-Up! Featuring Active Camo detailing, the REQ station opens to reveal a store of highly decorated weapons, including a Gold Standard Magnum, Gold Standard SMG, and Pool of Radiance Fuel Rod Cannon, all with premium printed detail. For the first time ever, use the included bayonet and scope attachments to customize your weapons, and gear your Spartan to strike with invisible force!

Ideal for ages 8 and up


  • Highly collectible, super-poseable Spartan micro action figure
  • Figure comes with detachable Active Camo-themed armor
  • Buildable Active Camo REQ station opens for weapons storage
  • Highly detailed weapon accessories include Gold Standard Magnum, Gold Standard SMG, and Pool of Radiance Fuel Rod Cannon
  • Weapons feature printed detail and come with scope and bayonet attachments for customization
  • Collect and combine with other Halo construction sets by Mega Construx™
  • Build your Halo universe, and Build Beyond™!
  • Age8+
  • Year 2018
  • Item#FPJ25
  • Pieces31
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11 Product reviews

  • CertainLeader6 CertainLeader6

    I like the figure and how the armor is transparent, but the pool of radiance and the scope on the Smh mess around with it. Overall it looks like a great set.

  • JoeFilms JoeFilms

    I love the Spartan Helioskrill design in general, the mold is incredibly detailed in the first place, so having a clear blue one just adds to the fun! His unique and custom weapons are great, and the REQ station is great for filming or play!

  • bomber64 bomber64

    i loved this set helioskrills are my favorite type of spartan i love the active came look to the figure i also love the names fade gold standard and pool of radiance

  • Mohammad_Tohidi Mohammad_Tohidi

    Outstanding job on color choice and customization! The only thing that could be made better for ALL packs (in general) is making the hands more durable and making the handles of each weapon less thick, especially the Pool of Radiance (fuel rod cannon) weapon. Increasing the width and/or height of the weapon storage could've been helpful so that people can easily place the Fuel Rod Cannon in it with ease.

  • Hlofnatic Hlofnatic

    I really liked the invisible blue collor it had.But there was one problem with the left arm,it wouldent rotate only the hand and the shoulder would move.But all in all it was a good set and the weapons were great, and i allso liked the collor scheme.