Micro Action Figures Stormbound Series

Build your forces with 8 collectible Halo characters in battle-ready gear!

Deploy your next wave with 8 collectible warriors in stormy gray- and blue-themed armor and gear! With UNSC, Covenant, and Banished micro action figures to collect, find one UNSC hero or alien enemy in each mystery blind pack. Each comes with its own detachable armor and battle-ready weapon. Collect them all and build your forces!

Ideal for ages 8 and up


  • Blind pack with 1 random, gray- or blue-themed Halo micro action figure
  • Collectible figures range from common to ultra-rare
  • UNSC, Covenant, and Banished characters to collect
  • Each figure is super-poseable with a highly detailed design
  • Figures come with detachable armor, weapon accessory, and display brick
  • Collect and combine with other Halo construction sets by Mega Construx™
  • Build your Halo universe, and Build Beyond™!
  • Age8+
  • Year 2018
  • Item#CNC84
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26 Product reviews

  • Darthvit Darthvit

    The series is overall great, but I wish they would put in a more massible figure instead of that Wetwork Spartan, like a Jackal or a classic-style Grunt. I don't really like how Mega tends to put tons of Spartans in their sets so I end up with a bunch of colorful dudes which don't look very great on my lore/campaign based display. But, I guess Spartans sell well and that's good for the company so that's OK.

  • ccbrowning5 ccbrowning5

    A great series from MCX. The theme is unusual and not my color. The Grunt, Brute, ODST, and Marine are massable which everyone loves to have in a blind bag series. I like how they used some Spartans we haven't seen in a while, the Air Assualt especially because it's been so long since we've seen one. The elite honor guard is probably the crown jewel of this series. Very nostalgic to Halo 2. This is a great series by MCX can't wait for more. Overall, five stars.

  • JoeFilms JoeFilms

    I got my hands on the Brute, Grunt, ODST, white Wetwork Spartan, and sliver Spartan Hunter. I love all the figures, but wish I had gotten the black Air Assault Spartan and white Marine. Either way, great figures to build your army!

  • Rocco25 Rocco25

    I bought a full box so I was guaranteed 1 of each figure and they all were perfectly painted and molded. Very detailed and joints don't lossen up, good job Mega Construx!!!

  • Adarian118 Adarian118

    Just got the ODST, Banished Brute, and the Spartan Hunter. If you want the ODST at any local store from the series, feel the packaging for his weapon that's how I found mine