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  • Big Building Bag (classic) (80 pieces)

    Big Building Bag (classic) (80 pieces)

    First Builders

    Build, stack, and explore endless construction possibilities!

    Your little one can build anything they imagine when they use this large set of 80 award-winning blocks ... Read more

  • Spartan Mark VI

    Spartan Mark VI


    Suit up in the latest super-soldier gear with a Spartan in Mark VI armor!

    Prepare for battle with the latest evolution of MJOLNIR armor with a Spartan wearing Mark VI ... Read more

  • Spartan Vector

    Spartan Vector


    Seek the power of the Forerunners with a Spartan in Vector-class armor!

    The hunt for Forerunner artefacts begins with a Spartan in VECTOR-class armor! Packed with pre ... Read more

  • Jul ‘Mdama

    Jul ‘Mdama


    Jul ‘Mdama defends the Covenant with fortitude!

    Jul ‘Mdama stands ready to challenge all enemies of the Covenant! Packed with premium decoration and an authentic Ener ... Read more

  • Captain Lasky

    Captain Lasky


    Command the UNSC Infinity with Captain Lasky!

    The pride of the UNSC Navy is in good hands when Captain Thomas Lasky leads the fleet! Packed with premium decoration, a ... Read more

  • Dutch (ODST)

    Dutch (ODST)


    Call on the skills of a heavy hitter with ODST Dutch!

    When the Orbital Shock Drop Troopers want to bring out the big guns, they call on heavy weapons specialist Taylo ... Read more

  • Spartan Carter-A259

    Spartan Carter-A259


    Take the lead with Noble Team’s Spartan Carter-A259!

    Steadfast in battle, Commander Carter stands ready to lead Noble Team to victory! Packed with premium decoration ... Read more

  • Dynamic Box of Blocks

    Dynamic Box of Blocks


    Go beyond the rule book with endless building possibilities!

    Get creative and let your imagination run wild with this Dynamic Box of Blocks! Go beyond the instruction ... Read more

  • Colorful Box of Blocks

    Colorful Box of Blocks


    Go beyond the rule book with endless building possibilities!

    Get creative and let your imagination run wild with this Colorful Box of Blocks! Go beyond the instructio ... Read more

  • Blue Mountain Team-Up

    Blue Mountain Team-Up

    Thomas & Friends

    Build up a day of fun teamwork at the Blue Mountain Quarry with Thomas and Troublesome Truck!

    It’s a perfect day for some Sodor teamwork when your little Thomas fan ... Read more

  • Harold


    Thomas & Friends

    Build big railway adventures with an all-new Harold made just for little engineers!

    Why chuff around town when you can fly to the rescue with Harold! Made just for t ... Read more

  • Clear Thomas

    Clear Thomas

    Thomas & Friends

    Build a big railway celebration with an all-new glow-in-the-dark Thomas!

    Thomas is feeling festive! Made just for the youngest Thomas fans, now you can build a speci ... Read more

  • Royal Castle

    Royal Castle

    First Builders

    Build big adventures in a faraway land!

    From daring quests to fairytale endings, boys and girls alike can create tales as big as their imagination when they use the b ... Read more

  • Take-Along Builder

    Take-Along Builder

    First Builders

    Take playtime with you everywhere you go!

    Wherever your busy little builder goes, take the fun along with this colorful, wheeled carrying case! Roll to the next disco ... Read more

  • Deluxe Building Bag

    Deluxe Building Bag

    First Builders

    Build and explore limitless possibilities with 150 building blocks!

    Spark imagination when your little one explores endless construction possibilities with this amazi ... Read more

  • Anti-Tank Gun

    Anti-Tank Gun

    Call of Duty

    Defend against tank fire with a battlefield classic!

    Brave the bombardment and launch your own barrage! Made to take on armored vehicles, the Anti-Tank Gun was one of ... Read more

  • Spartan CTF Base Crashers

    Spartan CTF Base Crashers


    Storm through enemy lines and capture the flag with Blue Team!

    Blue Team’s rested, ready, and raring to capture Red Team’s flag when you outfit this fighting force of ... Read more

  • Micro Action Figures Stormbound Series

    Micro Action Figures Stormbound Series


    Build your forces with 8 collectible Halo characters in battle-ready gear!

    Deploy your next wave with 8 collectible warriors in stormy gray- and blue-themed armor and ... Read more

  • UNSC Woodland Gungoose

    UNSC Woodland Gungoose


    Roll out for recon in the outlands with a camo Gungoose!

    Scout a path through dense forest and tackle any terrain when you take the wheel with this buildable Woodland ... Read more

  • Shields of Requiem Lance

    Shields of Requiem Lance


    Repel the enemy with a team of fearsome Covenant mercenaries!

    Skilled in the art of combat, the elite mercenaries of the Shields of Requiem Lance take up the watch! G ... Read more

  • ONI Strike Team

    ONI Strike Team


    The ONI’s finest assemble with this team of covert specialists!

    When an intel mission turns risky, the members of the ONI Strike Team call on their skills to neutrali ... Read more

  • Fireteam Castle

    Fireteam Castle


    Defend your position with a team of valiant Spartans!

    In the face of danger, the fearless Spartans of Fireteam Castle close ranks! Build your base and outfit your sol ... Read more

  • Operation Veritas Drop Pod

    Operation Veritas Drop Pod


    Hit the ground and launch into action with a self-deploying ODST drop pod!

    Drop into action at a moment’s notice when you send your ODST hurtling into battle from the ... Read more

  • Active Camo Power Pack

    Active Camo Power Pack


    Stalk the battlefield unseen with the Active Camo Power-Up!

    What can’t be seen can’t be hit when you build your REQ station and outfit your translucent Spartan to eva ... Read more