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Breakout Beasts Series 2

It's slime time when you unleash the Breakout Beasts!

Unleash the beast! Break open 1 of 9 mystery eggs to discover a slime surprise, then dig out all the pieces to build your beast! But which will it be? With 9 cool creatures to build, and 4 colors of slime to collect - including new silver slime - the combinations you create will be wild! You can collect them all, including dragons, werewolves and all-new griffins. Then, mix and match beasts to create your very own Breakout Beasts! Each sold separately. Colors and details may vary.

Ideal for ages 5 and up
  • Series of 9 buildable beasts, each packaged in a mystery, slime-filled egg
  • Open the egg to release a slime surprise and reveal the pieces to build your beast!
  • Each beast has its own unique look and comes with orange, blue, green or all-new silver slime
  • Buildable beasts include Grifforce™, Ravagorr™, Clobberclaw™, Frostsnarl™, Spitfire™, Brimer™, Iceblaze™, Repulsoar™, and Fierceor™, sold separately
  • Egg has prongs inside and out and includes a display rod to create beastly action poses
  • Use the egg to store your slime for later
  • Collect them all and mix and match pieces to create your own custom beasts
  • Combine with other construction sets by Mega Construx™
  • Build your Breakout Beasts, and Build Beyond™! 
  • Pieces10
  • Age5+
  • Item#GCK31

$ 9.99 USD (MSRP)

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3 Product reviews

  • jfdumas jfdumas

    this is a cool toy! I highly recommend!

  • Spartanz19 Spartanz19

    I really enjoyed this wave. I received Spitfire and Frostsnarl. They are pretty majestic. Well done Mega!

  • ebomb113 ebomb113

    I ordered these off Amazon a little while back and was fairly satisfied with them. I only got 7 out of the 9 sadly (I am missing the 2 Griffin sets) but was happy with what I did get. I was honestly surprised they did 9 different beasts in this wave, i was expecting another 5 like the first wave. Overall I think the ones I did get were pretty solid. I only had gripes with 2 of the beasts (the green dragon and orange gargoyle) being designed they way they were but that is personal preference.