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Arctic Invasion

Send your Tactical team down a snowy path and infiltrate the Federation base. When they reach the Federation HQ’s checkpoint, take out the tower guard and steal his uniform and commandeer the all-terrain vehicle. It’s a fully buildable manual vehicle with working stick shift, and rear mounted swivel turret. You can attach your mission-ready soldier to the rail and hang on as you plough your way through. The vehicle features a unique stowaway weapons compartment, actual rubber tires and attachable floodlights.

Ideal for ages 16 and up


  • Buildable all-terrain vehicle with detachable lights, moving gear shift, sniper rifle on a turret and special compartment for storing weapons
  • Buildable environment with barricade and barbed wire fence, surveillance camera and siren
  • Three highly detailed and super-poseable micro action figures with detachable accessories
  • Full assembly weapons and accessories
  • 491 pieces
  • Pieces491
  • Age12+
  • Item#6879

$ 39.99 USD (MSRP)

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Not available in your country
  • Building InstructionsPDF

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8 Product reviews

  • Roebuck Roebuck

    Very good but, the outpost/checkpoint looks a little random over all 9/10

  • fooey34 fooey34

    I really love this set, people would argue that it should have more storage and needs more scenery and figures but what I say is I would've loved a Care-package but hey I just love the Care-packages, but other than that I loved the little tower and the vehicle which is nice for me because I love setting up my mega bloks in battle poses.

  • Jaafer Jaafer

    Really like the jeep also the snowy day

  • upperbike upperbike

    awesome set but my opinion is that it need more room for guy and thy should have 4 seats like game.

  • Spartan6009 Spartan6009

    I think this set is really neat. I got it online but, in my opinion, I wish it had something like, some more weapons and like a storage for the guns like in the Halo brand. Well, I do recommend this set for any fans or someone looking for an awesome Mega Bloks set.