ODST Squad Ambush

Brutes earn their name in this explosive ambush!

Incoming fire! ODST soldiers face off against a fortified, turret-mounted Brute brigade when you build the ODST Squad Ambush. Face off 2 ODST soldiers against Banished Brutes, including a Banished Brute captain. These super poseable micro action figures come equipped with detachable armor and highly-detailed weapons and buildable turret and barricades. Characters, accessories and details may vary.

Ideal for ages 8 and up

  • 4 highly detailed, super-poseable micro action figures
  • Fireteam includes 2 ODST Soldiers & 2 Brutes!
  • Buildable environment and Banished turret weapon
  • Figures come with interchangeable armor and weapons
  • Collect and combine with other Halo construction sets by Mega Construx™
  • Build your Halo universe, and Build Beyond™!
  • Age8+
  • Item#GCT34
  • Pieces99

$ 14.99 USD (MSRP)

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  • Build InstructionsPDF

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6 Product reviews

  • Munch106 Munch106

    when i ordered it the changed the dates so i have been waiting for longer than i was supposed to

  • BrokeBox BrokeBox

    These are starting to make their way into Walmarts as of April, 2019. The figures are amazing, especially the brutes.

  • Yomo43 Yomo43

    I really want this. I love the new detail on the SMG and how they added the backpack. The purple brute shot is weird, but the whole set is great!

  • SpartanGregor113 SpartanGregor113

    I absolutely love the design for both sides of figures. I love the brutes color choice and the accents, and I love the ODST paint job. I'll probably change the color of the ODST visors, but even if I didn't I'd probably be happy.

  • SpartenReconn SpartenReconn

    This looks so cool I love ODST and the Brutes I hope i get this set soon.I love the details on the brutes armor its like from the game and ODSTs
    walky talky oh its super cool but the regular one is awesome with such cool but can be beater details but overall 5*s for shore