UNSC Elephant Troop Carrier

Stampede your way into enemy territory with the UNSC Elephant Troop Carrier by Mega Bloks Halo! Build this massive new green UNSC Elephant and take the ultimate mobile command center onto the battlefield. Convert the Elephant into lock-down mode and deploy the massive cannon with 360-degree rotating action. Comes with six new super-poseable micro action figures with interchangeable armor system, including Spartans Carter and Jun, as well as a mini UNSC Artificial Intelligence hologram. The squad is fully equipped for battle and ready to take the fight to the Covenant!

Ideal for ages 8 and up!


  • New green buildable Elephant with dual mode, troop bay and deployable cannon
  • Six NEW super-poseable UNSC micro action figures with interchangeable armor system, including Spartan Carter and Spartan Jun, one Marine Officer, one Marine Medic and two UNSC Marines
  • One mini UNSC Artificial Intelligence statue on holographic table
  • Weaponry and accessories: DMR, Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher, SAW, Assault Rifle, M6D Pistol
  • Age8+
  • Year 2014
  • Item#97381
  • Pieces1311

$ 99.99 USD (MSRP)

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Not available in your country
  • Build InstructionsPDF

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15 Product reviews

  • Helioskrill421 Helioskrill421

    My absolute favorite set of the 2014 line. It took me awhile to build but it was worth it. This elephant didn’t have as much space as the older halo 3 elephant but it came with much better figures, especially 2 members of noble team along with four marines. I had to search hard for it and when I got it, I was so excited to complete my noble team. My only complaint for this set was that it can’t fit a warthog but it can store 2 mongooses. Overall, an awesome set and I wish they still made it so it could be more accessible to fans of Halo Reach

  • Admiral-Sabree Admiral-Sabree

    Got mine without figs or accessories so i wount comment or mark this set down for them (probably would have been a plus)

    Ok so where so I start. Hmmm I don't like this set. Going to be 100% honest. I can't recommend this to anyone. I'll start with what this set dose right. Accuracy. Now that is one it hits pretty well. Wile its not perfect who can mark it for the few minor things. Sept wait ya that's one of the main problems. The set has a good interior detail though and has comfortable seating for up too 4 figs and you can easily fit more in there. The front hatch is nice and spashiouse allowing for a mongoose to be drivin into the front. The pilot hatch is a good use of the piece and has a nice console. If i say I really like the way the person driving controls the vehicle. I think it was done nicely. The 3 turrets are good although there's no way to reach any of them and the fold out turret has a good range (360 degree) of motion. Sadly no vertical though. The crane doesn't necessarily work so well but in can work if you extend the back panals in a specific way. Ok so the bad. I have peeling stickers, not a set thing just a i have sort of thing but it's irritating. As irritating as having peeling stickers right off the sheet with my FUD. The length of the set. I'm sorry but I can't shake the feeling that this thing is a pug. Its missing one of the 4 treads which just doesn't sit right with me. The front storage area is exactly that. It's not accessible enough to fit any figs in the front of the thing. (It's more anoying trying to pose figs in there then the front of the elephant v1 and that's saying something) the back end feels empty in a bad kinda way. It's supposed to be a closed interior yet it feels open on the inside, good when the intent is a large spacious area bad when its not supposed to be. There is also no proper separation between where the turret collapses then sits and where the figs should be stood so its entirely possible to put the figs in the drop path of the gun. It also has no space to store lose accessories, crates or other items without putting them on the weapon racks. The racks themselves feel unsecured, mabey a smooth 1-6 ect tile would help? The cockpit door (It's separate so I'm calling it a cockpit) has no clutch power what so ever. Anyone sneezing hard enough will cause it to fall down. The turrets have no realistic way for the solders to walk up to and get on. The build itself I'll cover now. The bottom hatch can't support its own weight. I had to tighten it up (same as I did with the mammoth) the covers don't line up very well and are a bit fragile. The turret is anoying to deal with and breaks a lot when opening and closing it down. One thing the build did get right was that it wasent that bad for being a large set with so many similar colored parts. It was a fun build overall and that's its saving grace. These problems are not enough to make me say don't buy this set. What is the knocker for me. The previous elephant that is superior in every way exsept part quality. The vehicle is almost spot on perfect with its in game version. It had a believable ramp and catwalk system that allows troops to traverse its interior with ease. The control center is enterable from the inside (no running into enemy fire to try and make a get away) its larger in length. Leaving it with a very spacious underhang that wile not easy to work in can be set up with weapon racks, vehicle's, crates and a mongoose all with room to spare in the outermost front.
    The set also has a amazing amount of room on both its bottom floor in the back and its catwalks allowing for a massive amount of figures (70+) to be posed dynamically across its surface and interior. Storage space is also a breeze. I can see Spartans making the short jump up to the top of the elephant to man the turret and the other one anyone can believable reach. The iceing on the cake. It has a full set of tools and other accessories that are rarely seen in any set included and if you pull out the figures in the back. (Most storage spots, like under the ramp will not interfere) you can drive any of the entire series warthogs into the back from the older longer designed ones to the shortened stubby new ones we have now. It's not the fact that the elephant troop carrier is such a bad set as to it failed to compete with the original elephant. One feels like a cash grabe for officially licensed figures the other feels like a well polished master piece. Heck I still want the figs from the troop carrier, that marine medic (mmmmmm) the yellow ai (even if it is just a Cotrana recolor), plus June and Carter. But I really can't recommend the vehicle. For its original cost I can't say it would be worth it and for the scalper price of 400$+ I will never recommend this set to anyone. If you want it buy it for the medic and AI. Otherwise your better getting scalped for the other figs. (Note this is my opinion on this set)

  • frantikili123 frantikili123

    me encanta este set, apesar de no tenerlo por la falta de disponibilidad en Mexico, pero me gustaria que mega construx lo volviera a poner en disposicion

  • GreenSpartanH4 GreenSpartanH4

    Great set overall, nice figures, accurate to the game, great play value, but stickers fall easily

  • TheLordOfHalo TheLordOfHalo

    I love the characters and weapons it has such as the medic,carter and jun but there's nothing to hold the cannon up which was disappointing but I fixed that