Borg Drone

Resistance is futile with this deluxe, buildable Borg Drone figure!

You cannot survive without the Collective. Bring the hive mind to life when you build your own collectible Borg Drone micro action figure, complete with deluxe details and premium printed decoration. Inspired by Star Trek: The Next Generation™, this super-poseable figure comes with an authentic mech arm and eyepiece, as well as a buildable stand with printed name detail for the ultimate display. Build and collect all 6 in the series. Resistance is futile!

Ideal for ages 10 and up


  • Highly collectible, super-poseable Borg Drone micro action figure
  • Premium printed detail for deluxe display
  • Figure comes with highly detailed mech arm and eyepiece
  • Includes buildable display stand with printed name detail
  • Collect all your favorite characters in the series!
  • Combine with other construction sets by Mega Construx™
  • Build your fandom, and Build Beyond™!
  • Age8+
  • Year 2017
  • Item#FND66
  • Pieces27

$ 4.99 USD (MSRP)

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  • Build InstructionsPDF

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2 Product reviews

  • BrickIntyre BrickIntyre

    I appreciate the detail on this figure. I also love that you can buy a handful and army build them. By swapping out a few parts here and there you can give multiple drones different looks so they don't all look the same. How about a buildable borg recharging alcove to go along with these guys?

  • Darealjstylez Darealjstylez

    I mean. I don't even know who this is.... But I purchased just for the cool detail...