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355 Toys found

  • Breakout Beast Series 2

    Breakout Beast Series 2

    Breakout Beasts™

    It's slime time when you unleash the Breakout Beasts!

    Unleash the beast! Break open 1 of 9 mystery eggs to discover a slime surprise, then dig out all the piece ... Read more

  • Kinsano Cyclops Raid

    Kinsano Cyclops Raid


    Kinsano takes on the Flood with a buildable Cyclops and dual flamethrowers!

    Is it hot in here, or is it just Kinsano? Fight Flood with fire when you build and b ... Read more

  • Ezio


    Skulk in the shadows with this deluxe, buildable Ezio figure!

    Assassins unite! Overthrow the Templars when you build your own collectible Ezio micro action figure, complet ... Read more

  • Man-At-Arms™


    Masters of the Universe™

    Defend Eternia with this deluxe, buildable Man-At-Arms figure!

    Lead the Heroic Warriors into battle when you build your own collectible Man-At-Arms™ micro action fig ... Read more

  • Evil-Lyn™


    Masters of the Universe™

    Unleash the magical powers of darkness with this deluxe, buildable Evil-Lyn figure!

    Plot to rule all of Eternia with Skeletor’s fearless second-in-command! Conjure u ... Read more

  • T-800



    Infiltrate the resistance with this deluxe, buildable T-800 figure!

    Feel no pity, remorse or fear when you build your own collectible T-800 micro action figure, complete w ... Read more

  • Kratos


    Bury your past with this deluxe, buildable Kratos figure!

    Start a new journey for an immortal demigod by building your own collectible Kratos micro action figure, complete ... Read more

  • Hellboy


    Summon Hell’s greatest hero with this deluxe, buildable Hellboy figure!

    Recruit the world’s greatest paranormal investigator when you build your own collectibl ... Read more

  • Battle For Eternia Collection

    Battle For Eternia Collection

    Masters of the Universe™

    Wield the power of Grayskull when you build this collectible multi-figure pack!

    Wrestle Eternia’s future from the forces of evil when you build He-Man, T ... Read more

  • UNSC Hornet Blitz

    UNSC Hornet Blitz


    Destroy the enemy from above when you build and pilot the UNSC Hornet!

    You can’t spell “Grunt” without “RUN”! Enact your own aeri ... Read more

  • Thomas


    Thomas & Friends

    Look who’s back from their adventure! Thomas comes decorated with deluxe premium printed travel stickers from the various exotic countries he’s visited. This globe trot ... Read more

  • Nia


    Thomas & Friends

    There’s a new train in town!

    Nia, a new fan favorite character just rolled in. This buildable 5-piece train comes with beautiful, deluxe premium printed ... Read more

  • Musical Farm

    Musical Farm

    First Builders

    Match colors to discover music and animal sounds on the farm!

    Discover music and animal sounds, and learn your colors when you build a farm for 4 adorable barn ... Read more

  • Tour Bus

    Tour Bus

    First Builders

    Little stars take the stage with a purple tour bus!

    Little superstars can go on tour when they sit their Block Buddy™ in this purple tour bus and roll ou ... Read more

  • Catie Convertible

    Catie Convertible

    First Builders

    Scoot around with the top down with a pink convertible car!

    Little drivers can ride around in style when they sit their Block Buddy™ in this pink convert ... Read more

  • Sammy School Bus

    Sammy School Bus

    First Builders

    Roll to school with a bright yellow school bus!

    Little builders can build school-day fun when they sit their bus driver Block Buddy™ in this friendly yel ... Read more

  • Freddy Fire Truck

    Freddy Fire Truck

    First Builders

    Roll out and save the day with a bright red fire truck!

    Little heroes can get fired up for playtime when they sit their firefighter Block Buddy™ in this ... Read more

  • Peter Police Car

    Peter Police Car

    First Builders

    Roll out and save the day with a speedy police car!

    Little heroes can build rescue adventures when they sit their police officer Block Buddy™ in this fri ... Read more

  • Police Patrol Pete

    Police Patrol Pete

    First Builders

    Little builders patrol the town with a rolling police car!

    Your little hero can head out on patrol when they use 3 big pieces to build a friendly police car wi ... Read more

  • Cruisin’ Chloe

    Cruisin’ Chloe

    First Builders

    Little builders zip around town with a cute sports car!

    Your little speedster can cruise all around town when they use 3 big pieces to build this rolling, pink ... Read more

  • Trekkin’ Turner

    Trekkin’ Turner

    First Builders

    Little builders haul out with a sturdy pickup truck!

    Your little truck lover can trek out for playtime when they use 3 big pieces to build a sturdy, rolling pi ... Read more

  • Haulin’ Henry

    Haulin’ Henry

    First Builders

    Little builders get to work with a friendly dump truck!

    Your little truck lover can haul out for playtime when they use 3 big pieces to build a sturdy, rolling ... Read more

  • Firefightin’ Phil

    Firefightin’ Phil

    First Builders

    Little builders save the day with a red firetruck!

    Your little hero can race to the rescue when they use 3 big pieces to build a friendly red fire truck with r ... Read more

  • Playful Panda

    Playful Panda

    First Builders

    Build bear-y big fun with 25 blocks in a panda-shaped bucket!

    Imagination runs wild when you open this cute, panda-shaped bucket to find 25 big, colorful build ... Read more