Breakout Beast Series 1

It’s slime time when you unleash the Breakout Beasts™!

Unleash the beast! Break open 1 of 5 mystery eggs to discover a slime surprise, then dig out all the pieces to build your beast! But which will it be? With 5 cool creatures to build, and 3 colors of slime to collect, the combinations you create will be wild! You can collect them all, including Torchwing™, Blackheart™, Boulder™, Tempyst™, and Ironclaw™, sold separately. Then, mix and match beasts to create your very own Breakout Beasts™! Each sold separately. Colors and details may vary.

Ideal for ages 5 and up

•    Series of 5 buildable beasts, each packaged in a mystery, slime-filled egg
•    Open the egg to unleash a slime surprise and reveal the pieces to build your beast!
•    Each beast has its own unique look and comes with orange, blue or green slime
•    Collectible beasts include Torchwing™, Blackheart™, Boulder™, Tempyst™, and Ironclaw™, sold separately
•    Egg has prongs inside and out and includes a display rod to create beastly action poses
•    Use the egg to store your slime for later
•    Collect them all and mix and match pieces to create your own custom beasts
•    Combine with other construction sets by Mega Construx™
•    Build your Breakout Beasts™, and Build Beyond™!

  • Pieces 10
  • Age 5+
  • Item #GCK31

$ 9.99 USD (MSRP)

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5 Product reviews

    As someone who first got into Mega/MCX through their Dragons line in the early 2000's, this line was a dream come true for me. I've collected a lot of different Dragons and other creatures from this brand over the years, and I can honestly say that these are some of the best. The parts are perfectly interchangeable with the plasma dragons from 10+ years ago, and the more recent universe sets, but the Breakout Beasts have a few added intricacies and points of articulation, especially with the addition of the removeable armour, spikes, claws, and horns, which means that even if you get multiples of the same set, you have the means to make each one unique. However, two things are holding me back from giving this a full five stars. As other users have pointed out, the slime comes in the same packaging as the pieces of the set, which is a nice throwback to the rubbery egg sac that older dragons used to come with, but also makes the sets very inconvenient to unpack and assemble. The fact that the sets are packaged like blind bags, so you can't tell which one you're getting, is also something of an annoyance. I really don't think it would hurt sales too much to put the slime in separate package to the rest of the parts, and allow buyers to be able to tell which set they're getting.

    I was never interested in dragons in the first place and I'm still not, but I decided to give this a try and was quite satisfied. I have the Torchwing dragon and I really love all the new pieces they included. Something big to keep in mind before buying this is that if you really don't like messes, DON'T buy this! The pieces and the slime come together in one bag. Although very difficult, I found it somewhat fun peeling it off the pieces, the the slime is very fun to fidget with and for the most part tends to stick to itself, preventing big messes. If you were to get this for your child or another child, they would probably really enjoy it.

    I haven't gotten my hands on them yet, but my friend had a couple and they were absolutely amazing! As long as you have a container to put the slime in, he said it is no problem. They are also a good size to be threatening to any of your figures! I would absolutely recommend them!

    These Breakout Beast sets are incredibly messy. The slime gets everywhere and there are small holes in the parts in which the slime is nearly impossible to remove. You have to wash each part in order to build the creatures successfully without the too getting everywhere, so this slime gimmick just causes more trouble than what it's worth, honestly.
    It's a shame because the beasts that you build look really cool and the kids love them! But you have to set a completely empty play area aside, get everything out and then immediately wash it once the pieces are out of the bag. After you build the creatures, you might as well throw the slime away before it ruins everything because it's watery and hard to manage. The price tag and the mess just isn't worth it. If your kids want slime and something to build, you can get something much cheaper and more manageable. Parents: I say skip this one unless your prepared to clean up the huge mess this product creates.

    These sets are incredibly messy. The goo that comes with them is in the bag along with the parts, so you have to empty the bag and then immediately wash the parts. There are small holes in the building pieces and the slime gets stuck in there and is nearly impossible to remove. Plus, it gets everywhere and is watery/hard to manage.

    It's a shame because the actual beasts that you build look really cool and can be posed easily- but you have to set aside an empty play area and then wash everything before the kids build it, unless you want a large mess to clean up after. The slime gimmick is just way more trouble than it's worth and if you're a parent, I say skip this unless you're prepared to babysit while the kids play. The product geys 3 stars because your paying for a cool toy encased in a mess just waiting to happen.