Arctic Recon Armory

Prepare for mountain recon with an arctic armory that’s ready at a moment’s notice!
Used to transport military equipment, this buildable shipping container pulls double duty when you open it to reveal a polar outpost and armory loaded with climbing and combat gear! Build the weapons rack and outfit your two arctic soldiers for a recon mission on northern peaks! The collectible container features a deluxe graffiti detail inspired by the Call of Duty® games. Use the pronged roof to connect multiple armories and build a sprawling battle complex!


  • Corrugated shipping container with Deluxe Call of Duty® graffiti detail
  • Side doors and walls open to create an artic armory
  • Buildable weapons rack and environment with fire barrel detail
  • Two highly detailed, super-poseable arctic soldier micro action figures
  • Figures come with detachable armor and weapons
  • Accessories include snowshoes, crampons, pickaxe and infrared range finders
  • Pronged sections for connecting multiple containers
  • Collect and combine with other Call of Duty® construction sets by Mega Construx™
  • Build the mission, and build beyond!
  • Pieces 85
  • Age 10+
  • Item #FDY76

$ 12.99 USD (MSRP)

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  • Building Instructions PDF

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5 Product reviews

    No words. I have tons of each container!!! Nice done, you can open it and use it as a wall or something else, really versatile.

    I absolutely love this set! The figures are amazing! The array of weapons are great and the accessories that come with it are perfect! No problems at all! Overall, 5 stars.

    Really a fun little set, has two distinct but massable figures, a good array of weapons, a nicely printed shipping container, as well as some nice terrain bits.

    This set is amazing, I was really expecting to have an arctic-based type of soldiers with a shipping container, now here it is. Not sure if my local store has this.

    Just like all the other cargo containers. Same build. Same design. Its been tried and true. These cargo containers are great and with this one we can get some nice diversity in the mix. I personally like this one better then the others for a few reasons. First is all the figure accessories. There's snow shoes and cleats included as well as thermic water bottles and hiking pickaxes. The fire barrel is nice and the rock is well... a rock. there is also the printing on the container. It doesn't make sense for a shipping container to have the MW3 logo on it or the Mercs logo from BO2. but it dose make sense for the shipping company's name and logo to be presented. If there's any complaint... why do we have a laser sight attachment.