EV-37 Racing Sparrow

Race to defeat the enemy from the controls of a legendary Voidstreak sparrow!

Legend takes wing! In the seat of this iconic Voidstreak Sparrow, a staunch Titan and his Ghost rush to meet a Cabal Bone Crusher in battle. Build this legendary vehicle, and sit your Guardian at the controls with his exotic Invective Shotgun in hand. Then wield the Void with the Titan’s strength in a dauntless strike against the enemy Phalanx!

Ideal for ages 8 and up


  • Buildable EV-37 Voidstreak racing Sparrow 
  • Two highly detailed, super-poseable micro action figures include one Titan and one enemy Phalanx 
  • Titan accessories include Invective shotgun, Helm of Saint-14, detachable Holdfast armor, and Ghost
  • Colossus accessories include detachable armor, weapon, and shield
  • Sparrow comes with transparent vehicle display stand
  • Collect and combine with other Destiny® construction sets by Mega Construx™ 
  • Build your legend, and build beyond!
  • Pieces 100
  • Age 8+
  • Item #DYF22

$ 15.99 USD (MSRP)

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  • Building Instructions PDF

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12 Product reviews

    Just because of this awesome Titan I decided to get it and boy I was not disappointed! This is probably my favorite Titan Figure so far!

    Have most of the original sets but this was my first of the new ones. It is awesome and detailed. Any more titans are welcomed as well.

    one of my favorite sets, the titan comes wit the Helm of Saint 14! the sparrow is perfect with the paint job and detail, and it also come with the exotic invective, 2 EXOTICS in one set!!!!
    the cabal Phalanx is perfect in scale size, and again the detail with these figures is always perfect.

    Amazing, it's a set that I did not expect much but I still manage to amaze myself enough, the figures have their maximum detail in mold and paint, the titan is quite well done and the cabal is a little smaller than in the game, the only negative of the set to emphasize is that the sparrow has enough fragility in the part of the middle and it disarm with facility but still is a great set.

    Overall, this is a very good set. The Titan looks fantastic, and I like that this set actually came with two weapons (shotgun and hand cannon). The Phalanx looks great as well, and has a fantastic amount of poseability. Despite all the positives concerning the figures, the Sparrow is a little lacking. I appreciate the different approach to building it, but the new style actually makes it even less durable than the earlier versions. The artificial flames on the back are very loose because of the pieces used to hold them. Finally the sphere in front just looks awkward attached with a thick purple extension. A simple clear bridge piece connecting the fins would have allowed the sphere to roll around by itself, and would have made it look a little neater. To sum it all up: The figures are great. The Sparrow, however, could have used some work.