Dora's Vacation Adventure

¡Vámonos! Let's take a trip with Dora's Vacation Adventure! Load up the vacation van with everything Dora and Boots might need for a perfect picnic or a beach fiesta! Rebuild the van into a restaurant or kitchen so they can eat, make a stage for a guitar performance, and explore lots of other possibilities too! Create la playa perfecta with two palm trees and other beach accessories, including a scooter for island exploring and a surf board for adventuring in the water!

Explorer Tip! Dora and Boots have visited the beach many times to help baby crabs, baby fish, and even mermaid friends too! But for a vacation, Dora and Boots went camping in the rainforest with Diego and Baby Jaguar. Ask your little explorer - where would she like to go on vacation? What would he like to do there?

Ideal for ages 3 and up!


  • Build a van to take everyone on vacation and then transform it into all kinds of other locations!
  • Includes Dora and Boots actionable figurines
  • Comes with beach and vacation accessories
  • 46 pieces for hours of exploring and playing!
  • Compatible with other Dora the Explorer buildable sets from Mega Bloks!
  • Pieces 46
  • Age 3-6
  • Item #3083

$ 32.99 USD (MSRP)

  • Building Instructions PDF

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1 Product review

    My daughter enjoyed this set so much that I went through the lengthy account set up process to review it. I did end up paying about 10% more than MSRP at Toys R Us for this one. She didn't use the skirt changing option much but did enjoy the van and moped. This is the only set we've seen with Boots who is an important character. I'm surprised that no set features a map and a backpack she can wear since those are also common in the shows. She enjoyed setting the table and holding the guitar and banana. Funny enough the brown palm tree pieces were the hit and she wears them around the house on her fingers or makes them into a very tall tower. I would love to get more of those pieces as they go missing. We own most of the Dora and this is the best one. The doll house set (3082) or the one with the babies (3081) are also good for pretend play as is the dress up one that has Swiper (3090). Our local toy store only carries a couple of sets so we have to search discount retailers. She doesn't seem to get as much use out of the smaller sets. It seems like the van is pretty sturdy and stays put together once you've done it. It doesn't fall to pieces under play so is good for a younger kid that might get frustrated building and just wants to play pretend.