Rapid Fire Dragon Fighter

Enter a Universe where man and beast clash for ultimate survival. On a planet isolated in time and space, the soldiers of the Alliance battle the Predavors, an alien race of warlike Dragons. Bladewing is a Predavor Immortal, a General in the Predavor army. His brutal and fearless desire to wipe out the Alliance has led him to challenge the Alliance Hawk in one-on-one combat! The Hawk is a medium artillery speeder armed with dual cutter-laser cannons used for close aerial combat and air-to-ground support of Alliance infantry. Bladewing comes with plasma cannon and black smoked power core. Hawk comes with Captain Decimus, tri-cannon heavy laser blaster, energy shield and power core engines.

Ideal for children ages 6 and up!


  • Fully buildable assault speeder and Predavor dragon!
  • Hawk comes with deploying landing gear that becomes a flight controller for real -flying action!
  • Bladewing comes with plasma cannon on his back and black power core
  • Includes Captain Decimus figurine, energy shield and tri-cannon heavy laser blaster

  • Pieces 169
  • Age 6+
  • Item #95207

$ 19.99 USD (MSRP)

  • Building Instructions PDF

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1 Product review

    It has really cool parts but falls apart a lot. I actually don't have it anymore. :P