Billy Beats Dancing Piano

Press a key and learn just how much fun building and music can be as you dance and play along with Billy Beats™ Dancing Piano by Mega Bloks First Builders. With three different modes of musical play, children can have fun with Billy Beats™ in all kinds of ways. Press the light-up block keys and watch Billy dance and play one of eight different songs, teach children how to play music by letting them build their own songs and follow along, or even play different sounds that include a Piano, Animal and DJ/Party effects - all with the flick of a switch!

Billy Beats™ is compatible with all First Builders blocks that can be securely stored away under his big red hat. With three different modes of musical play and endless building possibilities, Billy Beats™ will keep kids entertained for hours!

Ideal for children ages 1 to 5!

• Three modes of play: Dance with Billy, Teach Me, and Free Play
• Eight colored light-up keys that can play single notes or eight pre-programmed songs
• Sheet music on stickers included to let you build and stack a song to follow along!
• Cool Piano, Whacky DJ and Funny Animal sounds with on/off switch
• Includes eight First Builders blocks and three C-size batteries

  • Pieces 10
  • Age 1-5
  • Item #8427

$ 39.99 USD (MSRP)


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3 Product reviews

    I bought this almost a year ago. It won't switch modes. It constantly pays one song as if it's stuck in demo mode

    My son LOVES his billy beats piano. I am rating it low because after less 2 months it is already malfunctioning. It gets stuck on one particular song or gets stuck dancing or geys stuck on a loud screeching noise and none of this can be fixed unless the toy is turned off. However, it goes right back to the problems once or is turned on. This puts me in a predicament as my son could play with this toy all day, but it is very expensive to replace. I'm going to reach out to Mega Bloks to see if it can be fixed or if this is a known issue. Very hesitant to buy another.

    Billy is awesome! My daughter loves how he dances and makes music. What's even better is that he stores his own blocks. This is a must-have this holiday season!