Fireteam Osiris

Deploy the UNSC’s finest with Spartan Locke and the members of Fireteam Osiris!

No task is too big for Fireteam Osiris! Led by Spartan Locke, this team of celebrated Spartans stands united as one of the UNSC’s most highly distinguished and elite fighting forces! Build the display stand, and plant the Fireteam Osiris flag. Then, use the deluxe decorated armor and weapons to outfit Spartan Locke, Spartan Vale, Spartan Buck, and Spartan Tanaka for a mission worthy of the UNSC’s best!

Ideal for ages 8 and up


  • Highly collectible Fireteam Osiris 
  • Four highly detailed, super-poseable micro action figures include Spartan Locke, Spartan Vale, Spartan Tanaka, and Spartan Buck
  • Figures come with detachable armor, weapons, and accessories
  • Premium printed detail for deluxe display
  • Buildable display stand with printed character names 
  • Fireteam flag with printed emblem 
  • Collect and combine with other Halo construction sets by Mega Construx
  • Build your Halo universe, and build beyond!
  • Pieces 144
  • Age 8+
  • Item #DYH88

$ 19.99 USD (MSRP)

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  • Building Instructions PDF

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19 Product reviews

    Fireteam Osiris with the wash is good to see. Love how it makes it look all distress and battle-worn. It's exactly what we need to show all the fine detail in the armor. Getting the whole team in one purchase is good to see.

    Its a good set, but it have a problem with wash, vale look more grey than red and thats bad, it have a great armory and good details. the only bad thing that i said before its the wash but the set is good.

    Very nice set with all the members of Osiris with good paint applications.

    Todo muy bien el problema de mi set es que el wash de mi Spartan vale es mucho tanto que quito mucho color rojo característico pero ahí en fuera buen set.

    This set has great characters, but Vale has way too much wash. The stand is pretty cool, even if it is flimsy. The included req weapons are great, though some are strange choices (a hydra?). Overall a great set, well worth the money.