Forward Unto Dawn

Establish your army, build and expand your units with the Halo Signature Series: Forward Unto Dawn by Mega Bloks! The Forward Unto Dawn is a Charon-class light frigate moderately outfitted to engage enemies of similar tonnage effectively. Frigates of this class are equipped with low-to-medium grade magnetic acceleration cannons, embedded missile delivery systems, a light point defense network, and three dorsal launch bays which can effectively deploy nuclear armaments. The primary purpose of Charon-class frigates such as Dawn, is to swiftly engage and neutralize attacking threats, both at significant range and in close-quarters skirmishes, thereby making them primarily defensive in design and intent. Light frigates can also be used for escort and, less frequently, within concerted attacks against stationary targets.

Ideal for children ages 8 and up!


  • Buildable Charon-class light frigate with removable hull and multiple interior compartments
  • Break Away Mode allows you to relive key Halo moments
  • Buildable Cryo Bay with light-up Cortana
  • Fully stocked UNSC Armory, Sticky Detonator and Covenant plasma pistol
  • Figurines included: UNSC Officer, UNSC Technician, Covenant Zealot Elite and The Master Chief!
  • Pieces 2877
  • Age 8+
  • Item #97117

$ 249.99 USD (MSRP)

  • Building instructions PDF

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14 Product reviews

    ... I.. I don't know where to start here I just can't... give me a sec. Ok so I planned on getting this when it first came out in early 2013 late 2012 but I just cound'nt at the time so I missed out. 4 years later I finally got this behemoth and I don't have words for it. The detail and design. The look of the ship just commands everything and everyone around it to stop and just stare. It single handedly became the litteral flag ship of my mega bloks collection the second it arrived. The buetifully intricate and detailed surface of the ship. The sides and all there glory done up with so many parts. I thought the spirit dropship had alot of detail built up on the outside and it's dwarfed by the dawn by pure might alone. (And spirit is a god send of a ship/set) all the way from the epic look and feel of the engines to the stern of the ship you can almost see it traversing the cold exspance weapons brimming at the ready providing escort to its allied destroyer or dreadnaught. Then engaging in a massive battle mac cannons and nuclear batteries firing at the maximum. Even the little point defense turrets have a fell of might and give the ship the feeling that it's ready to tear into a covenant crusier. This model is great as what it is. A ship. But wait there's more. Why mega why. You didn't have to do that!? This thing not only comes with a full stocked armory litterally loaded down with weapons galore, it has a exselent corridor with pannals to use as a control point meanwile and this is just too good to be true I thought. The cryo bay. The detailing on the inside and ouside of it. Unlike the other one this one actually looks frozen and like masterchief or whoever you put in it is frozen inside sleeping away in cryo genic slumber. And the thing holds the figure inside so nice and snug. Last but surly not least you want to blow the ship up without actually you know blowing up the model... congrats it splits into two and you can recreat the very seen from halo 4 which is just a nice touch. Now down to figs. Ok technican litterally the lamest figure here and he's super useful and a very good figure. For its time the zealot was brand new and exsclusive to this set with a all new mold and everything. He has great paint apps (them eyes though, looks like 3 paint apps) the officer figure... finally finally finally I have someone who looks high ranking navel miltary officer. Why dose this only exsite with one set... why! Now chief... omg the new blue team better be like this one or its going to lose. Yes the super posable armor changing master chiefs, all of them have nothing on the level of detail and fine point paint application and refinery ad seen on this figure. He is simply amazing, plus we also get cortan as an ai. Very nice to have here as the ai are super rare as is. These figures are down right amazing and are just fantastic add them in with a overly detailed capital warship with a detailed interior and the ability to litterally blast it apart this set is the pinical of mega bloks design teams work. It is truthfully a great too from set number 117 and the design teams first signature series it showed exactly what the team was made of. 1000% no 10000% recommend this to anyone who can afford to pick this baby up.

    The perfectest build,
    Everything in it is just awesome

    Please, help me to find one to buy it, would be the best gift for my son.
    I hope you can help me so we can get this toy, I hope your help, Greetings !!!

    5/5, no 10/5. This set is definitely one of the ones that everyone needs to complete their collection.

    need i say more?