Micro Action Figures Maverick Series

Send in reinforcements with eight collectible warriors in battle-ready blue gear!

Deploy the next wave with this series of eight collectible characters in blue-themed armor and gear. With both UNSC and Covenant characters to collect, prepare for the unknown when you find one new recruit, hardened veteran, or alien marauder in each mystery blind pack. Each micro action figure comes with its own detachable armor and battle-ready weapon. Collect them all and build your forces!

Ideal for ages 8 and up


  • Blind pack with one random, blue-themed Halo micro action figure
  • Collectible figures range from common to ultra-rare
  • UNSC, Covenant, and Banished characters to discover
  • Each figure is super-poseable with a highly detailed design
  • Figures come with detachable armor, weapon accessory, and display brick
  • Collect and combine with other Halo construction sets by Mega Construx™
  • Build your Halo universe, and build beyond!
  • Pieces 0
  • Age 8+
  • Item #CNC84

$ 2.99 USD (MSRP)

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  • Building Instructions PDF

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10 Product reviews

    This set looks SOOOO GOOD, that Recon looks like Halo 4 Carolina from Red vs Blue. WANT I SUPER BAD. And just a plus, I'd love to see some Licensed Red vs Blue sets!!

    I really like the maverick series, but I have one major issue. I have purchased 18 packs because I really wanted a new halo 3 style marine...I have 5 spartan pilots, 5 spartan recon, 4 NMPD officers, two grunts, and an ODST....and no marine :( All in all though, I enjoy the series and would give it 5 stars if I didn't have so many duplicate figures.

    In my opinion, the grunt is by far the star of this series - it's got a great mold and color scheme and I'm SO happy that Mega, like 343, is returning to the classic Halo art style. I'll be trying to collect A LOT of these grunts. Runner up goes to the Halo 3 marine. I do wish that they would include more skin tones though.... The rest of the figures are OK, I'll get one of each to complete the series but that's it.

    Maverick series is excellent! Let's start from L-R. The grunt has amazing detail and love that they made him a suicidal grunt. New mold is excellent and he is very massable. The blue soldier with the armor of an NMPD is an awesome fig! The only reason I don't call him NMPD is cause he has no labeling of any organization. The blue body fits great with his gray armor. Love the choice of weapon and is the kinda fig you don't want to mass. The elite commander is a nice fig and the armor color is great. The weapon goes great with him. The only problem I have with this fig is that he is sorta bland and looks to be filling a hole in the series. The translucent Rogue is very cool and I have no problems with him. Just wish that you had to find the translucent figs in double packs and not part of the series. The blue marine is an awesome fig! I'm loving the new head mold in every way! The colors are great and the weapons suits him well. He's a great fig for small squads and look to see more mold of em'! The H3 Recon is an incredible figure! The new armor molds are great! Love the H3 shotgun and have no probs with this fig! The ODST of the series is awesome! Love the colors in all ways and the suppressed SMG is great! Like the marine he is great for small groups! The blue Athlon is an absolutely beautiful figure! Lovin' the new armor mold and the generic needler is a great weapon choice! Not very massable but one fig does the trick for me! I'm happy with this series and am loving the color coded series! Overall, 5 stars.

    I now hold this series in thy hand... so time to review. I'll start with this, the series is very good. This one defienlty is better then warrior at least, the Spartans are cooler and more unique although still not massable. It however dosent beat the juggernaught series called challenger. Ok now let's walk through the figs. We will start with the Spartans. Both are common so take it or leave it as a good thing I'm not sure. The turquoise blue recon (halo 3 version) looks great i think the best version of this armor thouse far. Meanwile the Athalon looks good in this dark thick blue color. I recommend getting the Athalon as he is for the most part a new figure mold. So what next we will cover the elite, he's boaring for sure, a regular elite major and he's not massable because he's a elite major. As far as color scheme is its nice, they finally are utilizing the dark covenant blue color again, the weapon is the plasma rifle, which its good to see more of these back in rotation. Next comes the NMPD officer or should I just say the police officer figure. He is a simple blue body cop with no official prints on his body. Interestingly this makes him a regular cop meaning you can use him for anything even things unrelated to new mombase. The figure looks good and he comes with a nice if not dull shotgun. The figure is massable in a interesting way. I don't think he will be super popular but I don't expect him to sit around for a long time. Last common fig is the marine. Now this guy is nice, new mold head and body, this guy looks really good. He has a good armor set. The color is ok, could have had a better undersuit color but I think it's good. This guys is super massable and really cool. I don't like his weapon though. It is a plain smg, id rather have a assault rifle or something else but eh. Next the rares, let's start with the grunt, new body armor mold and head sculpt yet I think this is the best figure in this line. The body color goes with the armor really well. I love the armor color and the silver makes it look very accurate. The head sculpt is awesome, I love it. He comes with two plasma grenades as well making this guy a suicide grunt. He's super massable and really good looking. I would love to see more covenant mabey some elite rangers in the base armor color scheme. Next the ODST. .... He's probably the most boaring figure in this mag series. He's a basic bright silver color odst. He has a blue visor and blue armor paint on his chest woth a black undersuit. Basic odst, he's sadly forgettable compared to the challenger odst and well almost all the other odst out there. He also comes with a surpressd smg. At least it fits the character. He is super massable and fits nicely into any large group of odst. Lastly the ultra rare. Yep this is a nice figure. To be honest I really want to see a marine or something in these gummy character colors. That out of the way the figure is great. The bright light blue color allows a lot of light through him and really gives him this gummy glow color. He looks really good with the Spartan rouge armor and his weapon is once again the really nice plasma rifle of which it also look good in the color scheme and goes with the figure nicely as well. Wile he's not massable he is a great figure and is a good ultra rare fig. This MAF series is really good and is a great series for collectors and army builders alike. Recommend this series to anyone who likes halo mage bloks and to anyone who is a fan of halo on general.