ODST Recon Specialist

ODST Recon specialists are equipped with special issue non-reflective armor that reduces the wearer’s IR signature for covert intelligence ops into high risk areas. The Suppressed SMG, M6C Magnum Pistol sidearm and M19 Rocket Launcher ensure that both expected and unexpected Covenant surprises are aptly dealt with.

Ideal for children and collectors ages 8 and up!


  • Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Pod with hidden supply compartments
  • Removable cockpit door
  • Upper exterior panels really deploy as a drag parachute!
  • Includes ODST in Recon steel armor
  • Weapons: M6C Socom, Suppressed SMG, Rocket Launcher
  • Pieces 31
  • Age 8+
  • Item #97105

$ 11.99 USD (MSRP)


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5 Product reviews

    love the gun-stock black. No gloss.

    A Great set to get and an awesome figure for your UNSC forces but the price should be just a little lower because you don't get as much as a set like the UNSC Cryco bay or the Combat units that give you more than the drop pods do. Though the figure is a definite figure to get.

    Out of the Drop Pods being offered for Spring 2013, I probably anticipated this one the most for two reasons: the inclusion of a SOCOM Magnum, and my having previously missed the old ODST drop pod sets. Needless to say, this set had far more goodies in store for me.

    Having seen nothing but Covenant Drop Pods and Flood Pods in local stores for months, I was unprepared for the complexity of the ODST pod - opening the pod means flipping out two side panels and popping open the middle front. Be careful where you put it if you're showing off an open pod, as there's no stow point for it. Two extending rods are included for posing the drag chute in undeployed and deployed modes - it's messy from a keeping-track-of-pieces standpoint, but it's preferable to a single rod that would skewer the Recon ODST inside when pushed into the pod.

    Speaking of the Recon ODST, it's as nice a piece of work as ever - and also the cheapest iteration of Recon out there, even if only as the helmet. The deep gray finish means it'll swap well onto most other UNSC figures with a "Stealth" designation, so feel free to mix and match armor permutations until the time comes that Mega rolls out a proper Recon Spartan in this color.

    As for the weapons, the SOCOM Magnum and Suppressed SMG are natural fits for an ODST, though I'm a bit burnt out on the latter after hunting down rare Series 5/5.5 figures. Heavy firepower is also included in the form of a detailed Rocket Launcher that curiously comes with a peg-in handle. Primarily included so it can be stored on the clip pegs within the Drop Pod, I'm sure there's far more hilarious and/or nefarious uses for it.

    I got this set the other day and this is one of my favorite drop pods that I have. I love the new ODST Recon armor, its incredibly detailed and looks great. I also love the new Halo 3: ODST silenced magnum, I was very impressed with its detailing. This is a great drop pod.

    I simply cannot say enough good things about this set. I am a big fan of Halo 3: ODST and I really wish Mega would do more ODST based sets, especially ones centered more on New Mombasa including streets and buildings. Nevertheless just having some more ODST pods is fabulous especially considering that this provides the Recon element previously absent from the ODST offerings.

    This set provides a pretty good Recon ODST load-out thereby offering the not-Dare (that is, it's not meant to be Dare but it still looks a heck of a lot like her) figure to the line. Not only is the figure pretty good but it comes with a detailed M7S, a detailed M6C and a detailed SPNKr. What a great selection of weapons for am ODST!

    The only criticism would be the color of the pod. The pod color most reflective of the actual in-game pods from Halo 3: ODST was actually the pod included in set #96926, the ODST Covert Ops Specialist. However it lacked the clear windows that were available in sets #96861, #96862, #96863, the original series of drop pods. It would have been nice in this set to see the Covert Drop Pod combined with the clear windows to give us a game-accurate pod. Aside from that though, this set is superb.