UNSC Jackrabbit Blitz

It’s a solo mission across enemy terrain!

Spartan Douglas-042 is geared up and ready for rapid deployment when you build your Jackrabbit, with its rugged dual front wheels, roll cage cockpit, and roof-mounted machine gun. Outfit Spartan Douglas-042 using the armor and M6 Pistol, and sit him in the driver’s seat of this sturdy one-man vehicle to roll out for the attack!

Ideal for ages 8 and up


  • Buildable UNSC Jackrabbit vehicle with treaded dual front wheels and roof-mounted machine gun
  • One highly detailed, super-poseable Spartan Douglas-042 micro action figure
  • Figure comes with detachable armor and M6 Pistol accessory
  • Collect and combine with other Halo construction sets by Mega Construx
  • Build your Halo universe, and build beyond!
  • Pieces 91
  • Age 8+
  • Item #DPJ90

$ 9.99 USD (MSRP)

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  • Building Instructions PDF

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14 Product reviews

    very detailed so cool and I loved it I got it for Christmas and I was so excited

    Awsome Build love Douglas as the driver but one problem.....I don't know if it's me vut for some reason he can't hold on to the controls

    Vroom vroom! Nice little set. Has a very nice build and enough room to store the two pistols. Doughless looks really nice and he has some good printed numbers and squade badge. Small little set with a nice build. I feel the glass is to small but it's too minor to care.

    Good small build and a neat figure.

    Time to build is around 10 to 15 minutes

    Este es un gran conjunto la moto es genial y el espartan 042 es genial y la posicion de las armas son grandiosas es el mejor