Super Stunt Test Facility

Choose your Team, wear your colors with pride and bring out your tricked out rides to perform some of the coolest stunts ever at the Super Stunt Test Facility from Mega Bloks Hot Wheels™. This buildable stunt facility is the place where Team Hot Wheels™ drivers can push the limits of their cars pulling off all kinds of fearless feats. Construct the Super Stunt Test Facility any number of ways with the adjustable, multi-mode ramp and use the awesome Turbo Tire launcher to peel-out from the starting line, grind and jump your way into the world record books!

The Super Stunt Test Facility comes with two Team Red drivers and the iconic road beast with the smiling silver skull known as Bone Shaker™! Use the Turbo Tire launcher to hit the ramp at top speed and set the record for the highest jump ever!

Ideal for kids ages 5 and up!


  • Rebuildable Super Stunt Test Facility playset
  • Adjustable multi-mode ramp
  • Customizable Bone Shaker™ with chrome skull fender
  • Cool Turbo Tire launcher for instant top speed!
  • Two collectible Team Red action figures
  • Pieces 382
  • Age 5+
  • Item #91715

$ 39.99 USD (MSRP)

  • Building instructions PDF
  • Rebuild Instructions: Balancing Act PDF
  • Rebuild Instructions: Fire up PDF
  • Rebuild Instructions: Flame Grind PDF
  • Rebuild Instructions: Gas Station PDF
  • Rebuild Instructions: Jump Stand PDF
  • Rebuild Instructions: Low Jump PDF
  • Rebuild Instructions: Robot PDF
  • Rebuild Instructions: Speed Grind PDF
  • Rebuild Instructions: Spinner PDF
  • Rebuild Instructions: Spinning Wall PDF

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