Space Rover Expedition

Explore the mysteries of Mars and beyond with an authentically detailed space rover!
Inspired by modern space exploration advancements, this rover explores our deepest curiosities, peering into the future to travel beyond the known. Push past your technical limits when you build this authentic space rover, complete with true-to-life detailing and features. Discover Mars’ mysteries when you ready your crew, manning each member at the rover’s robotic arm, comm system, and drone. This is one giant leap – and giant building experience – for mankind!
Ideal for ages 10 and up

  • Buildable, authentic space rover
  • 6 rolling wheels
  • Opening cockpit and side door, robotic arm, and solar panel communication system
  • Buildable, independent front and rear suspension
  • Connectible trailer with retractable ramp
  • Buildable soil-extracting drone vehicle with rolling treads
  • 3 highly detailed, super-poseable astronaut micro action figures with display stands
  • Figure accessories include shovel, pickaxe, tablet, and buildable storage crate that opens
  • 706-piece, advanced-level build to challenge Beyonders!
  • Combine with other Mega Construx™ construction sets and create your own custom builds
  • Build like a pro, and Build Beyond™!
  • Pieces 706
  • Age 10+
  • Item #FPH87

$ 49.99 USD (MSRP)

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  • Building Instructions PDF
  • Building Instructions PDF

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8 Product reviews

    I have to say I love the figures, very well made. The rover also seems quite fun to build but I'm not really a big fan of the model. I wish Mega could gives alternative builds for this set. Due to its size I'm sure it would be possible to build something else with it. I'm tempted to open the bags and try but for now I'm only thinking of keeping the figures.

    One of the coolest sets I’ve bought, the details of figs and painting are great. The only things I found “bad” are the pilot’s face and the suspension, which feels too forced. Be careful with the cockpit door, because when you try to open it it may open to fast and it the ground/table.
    I recommend this set, waiting for more space themed sets!

    Love this set, it is a fun build that is worth the price. The helmets come off which is a great touch (wish this was shown on box). The set has a good working suspension that adds good play value. It has holding area for backpacks and areas to put tools. My wish is for other space sets that could expand this world.

    This set is awesome! The build was fun and the details are very pleasing. There's a lot of little details I never expected. It's worth the money!

    This thing is amazing! I'm a huge space geek and this is exactly what I needed to add to my collection. It reminds me a lot of one of my favorite movies, The Martain. Now back to the set. The figures a the same size as CoD and Destiny figures. But there's a catch. The helmets come off. And it's awesome. They all have human heads underneath which adds all the more detail. Now the main attraction in this set is the rover. I could tell that this was a build for pros. There were a lot of complicated techniques used to get things done in this set. It was actually kind of complicated and took me a while. But it was all worth it. When the rover and drill is done it is awesome. There is a small door in the side for the astronauts to climb up and into the hull of the rover. Though it is a little small, it's perfectly fine. Overall this set was awesome, up there probably as my second favorite set of all times. Nice job mega, keep up the good work.