U.S.S. Enterprise™ NCC-1701

Relive a legacy 50 years in the making with the U.S.S. Enterprise™ NCC-1701 collector construction set by Mega Bloks Star Trek™!

This large, buildable replica features a design inspired by the iconic Federation starship from Star Trek: The Original Series. Build the Enterprise, then show off its premium printed details and light-up warp nacelles when you set it on a display stand accented with a deluxe nameplate modeled after the ship’s dedication plaque. But this set wouldn’t be complete without Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock at the ready in their dress uniforms. Pose your highly detailed, super-poseable micro action figures on their stands, using the authentic accessories. Then, have Spock give a Vulcan salute as you prepare to take the pride of Starfleet forward into the unknown!

Ideal for ages 14 and up

  • Buildable U.S.S. Enterprise with deluxe printed detail and working LED warp nacelle lights
  • Ship display stand features premium printed dedication plaque replica
  • Includes highly detailed, super-poseable Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock micro action figures, each in dress uniforms with their own display stands
  • Authentic accessories include phasers, tricorder, and communicator
  • Collect and combine with other Mega Bloks Star Trek sets and build the voyage!
  • Pieces 3098
  • Age 10+
  • Item #DPH83

$ 249.99 USD (MSRP)


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8 Product reviews

    Fantastic build project. Thank you very much much, Mega Bloks ; keep up the great work

    I absolutely love this build! Mega Bloks has amazing customer service. This is the largest set that I have completed as of this date. It's beautiful, it's large and it's perfect. Many unjustified complaints about you can put the little figures in it. I don't think you realize how large this thing we need to be in order to accomplish that. It's beautiful clean lines perfectly figured out and it lights up. Go Mega Bloks comma please continue the Star Trek line! Also if you're interested please look at my full review and build on YouTube.

    If you're saving your money for a set this is it exclamation point!!!!!

    i hate the STAR-TREK StarShips sets WHY. Beacause they are no minifigure size Huh.

    Wow! I just finished building this monster last night and my thumbs are still sore. This is the largest building toy I've ever purchased and am thrilled with every aspect. The box details are so fun and inviting, I just had to start right away. I loved all the organized part bags; be sure to keep them in their own bowls for easier building. Each section had its own fun points. I love all the little details, like the plaque, mini-figures with accessories, printed pieces including names, and especially the light bricks!

    The build takes a long time, for me about 16 hours over a few days. It is well worth the money for the hobby time you can put in. It's sturdy and heavy. I'm impressed how it's balanced and strong. It looks amazing on display. Thank you to Mega Bloks for a great project!

    HUGE! This model is huge and quite an undertaking, but well worth the time and money. It brings back Star Trek large and in charge. Displayed beautifully on its stand it comes with Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk decorated nicely in their Dress Uniforms. Journey to all the undiscovered countries with this beautiful model that includes light up bussard collectors. Warp into day dreams of commanding your own USS Enterprise against Klingons and Romulans while saving the girl from Gorn and Tholians. This model is well worth the price and if your really a hard core trekkie, buy two and partially dismantle one to make the famously destroyed USS Constellation. I'm sure Matt Decker would appreciate the thought!