Eastman & Laird Michelangelo™

Build Michelangelo’s origins, prepare his attack, and display your Turtles pride!

It’s time to party down, dudes! Despite his fun-loving nature, this Turtle is ready to fight when you build and display this hyper-articulated figure. Michelangelo is painted in black and white, as seen in the original Mirage Studios comics run! Connect him to the comics-themed pipes backdrop with original illustrated panels for an authentic origins recreation!

Ideal for ages 10 and up


  • One highly-detailed, hyper-articulated Michelangelo micro action figure with premium metal shell
  • Our most articulated figure design to date!
  • Buildable Eastman & Laird-themed display stand with pipes, manhole cover stand, and original illustrated artwork panels
  • Accessories are removable and include signature twin nunchuck weapons
  • Collect and connect with other TMNT Collectors sets by Mega Construx™
  • Build the original, black and white comics, and build beyond™!
  • Pieces 42
  • Age 10+
  • Item #DPD85

$ 7.99 USD (MSRP)

  • Building Instructions PDF

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1 Product review

    I'd say without a doubt these turtle figures are amazing and very well detailed I hope to see more of these great figures in the future the weapons look great the turtle itself is super detailed with lines cuts and shades of black white and gray well worth getting